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June Bonuses

June Bonuses

June Bonuses start NOW and run through 7/3. All you have to do is compete in tournaments to be entered to win! What are you waiting for? Each week we will be giving away a different item from Primo, all you have to do is compete in a cash tournament to be entered to win. […]

Improve Your Approach Shot

Improve Your Approach Shot

There is nothing more satisfying than piping a drive down the middle with a slight draw, right?  Now you’re left with 83 yards to a middle pin and you’re already thinking about chalking down a birdie on the score card. As you approach the ball, reality sets back in and you grip the club, take your […]

Chipping Check Up

Chipping Check Up

I teach roughly 30-40 people a week at our facility and I would say 1 out of every 18 lessons does a student ask for a short game lesson.  Before each session we talk about the students game and I always ask how their putting and chipping is.  Most every time they say it is […]

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