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Play against other PinSeekers in free tournaments to win PinSeeker shop gear. Warm-up for your cash games, compete against friends, or work on your swing with nothing on the line.

Join the over 4,000 golfers winning cash each week.

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Tournaments are free to enter and the top winners get immediate access to the PinSeeker online store to pick out swag.

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PinSeeker's experience allows you to stack up against other PinSeeker's around the globe.

With nothing to lose, take shots at your favorite tournament holes and see yourself ascend the leaderboard.

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eWallet & ID Verification

eWallet & ID Verification

Say goodbye to credit card payments for each tournament and bank account transfers every week. If you’re located in the US, your winnings will start to be deposited into your eWallet immediately after each tournament. You will be able to directly use them to play in more tournaments and be able to withdraw your eWallet […]

Skill Index & Flighted Tournaments

Skill Index & Flighted Tournaments

Tournament flights are now in effect. To begin, we have 2 flights: Champion: 1-18Rookie: 19 – 36 Your flight is determined by your Skill Index. Skill Index is established by a proprietary PinSeeker algorithm that uses historical cash tournament data to determine your PinSeeker skill from 1-36. To have a calculated skill index you must […]

July Bonuses

July Bonuses

July Bonuses run from 7/4 – 7/31. You can win big this month, all you have to do is compete! Make sure to check out our Instagram for social giveaways as well! Each week we will be giving away a $50 gift card to William Murray, just compete in any cash tournament to be entered […]

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