PinSeeker, a first of its kind app for golf lovers to compete and make a difference, has partnered with Sports reporter Amanda (Balionis) Renner and will host a tournament that benefits her charity, Puppies & Golf on Wednesday, May 11th in Plano.  

PinSeeker is an app that provides access to online closest-to-the-pin tournaments benefiting charities.  Unlike traditional golf tournaments, PinSeeker uses networked golf simulators to open up the tournaments to anyone in the world.  Today, it is played on simulators across North America where golfers can compete and win cash in real-time.

The app is now on E6 connect software that is utilized on many different simulator devices and indoor golf facilities. To get started, simply download the app, select your tournament, and swing at a compatible golf simulator.  View the real time leaderboard as you take your swings, and join the over 2,300 golfers winning cash each week.  Prizes are awarded down the leaderboard and all tournaments highlight the charity that benefits each time.

PinSeeker has already donated over $125,000 to charities since the launch in August 2021, supporting their mission to build a global network of golfers, inspiring players to be both competitive and socially impactful.

“We are thrilled to partner with Amanda because she aligns seamlessly with our team and our vision. I don’t think there is anyone in golf, maybe anywhere, that doesn’t like Amanda and appreciate her outstanding personality.” said PinSeeker Founder, Sean Breslin. “With such a rich history and legacy as a sport, we believe we can be a key ingredient of the evolution of golf in the virtual world while simultaneously making a social impact.”

On May 11th, PinSeeker and Amanda will be on site at the PGA Tour SuperStore in Plano (8700 Preston Road, Suite 100) competing in several tournaments that can be played throughout the week benefitting Puppies & Golf.  There will be multiple tournaments that day and a puppy adoption drive on-site through Dallas Pets Alive, where people can play virtually and still compete against Amanda to support the cause.  On top of typical cash payouts in the tournament, three players will each win a $100 PGA TSS gift card and are automatically entered to win by just playing.  Total cash available to win that week is $4,175 with $500 donated to Puppies & Golf.

“PinSeeker is one of those things where you think, how did this not exist before?”, says Amanda. “I’m excited and honored to work together and partner across our shared love for competitive golf and giving back to causes that make a difference.”
For more information on PinSeeker or to download the app, visit

Media Contact:

Lynsey Trager

[email protected]


Get Your Swing Back For Spring | IRON AOA

Angle of attack (AOA) is one of those data points people ignore and take for granted due to they just don’t understand how it really works and what other areas it affects in the outcome of your golf shots.  A lot of your launch monitors do not read this data and a lot that do don’t do a very good job.  This is why I wanted to bring you a video with a simple drill that will keep your AOA in check.

First let’s talk about what AOA is.  AOA is the angle created by the direction the club is moving relative to the horizon (the ground) at impact.  Sounds simple but if you really take a deep dive into AOA and the ripple effects of AOA you will see it can be complex and is a critical data point that dictates start direction and curvature of the golf ball.  AOA help makes up something called the D-plane which is a whole other article.  Today I just want you to understand what is AOA and why it is important with your Irons to hit down.

If your AOA is poor then it will be virtually impossible to reach the goal of improving.  The reason is simple, the golf club is designed for you to hit down on the ball and to let the natural loft to get ball in the air.  The golf club does not need your help getting airborne.  Even the bottom of the club has something called bounce to help you hit down on the ball and the club not get stuck!   So understanding that a steeper attack is actually what clubs are designed for us to do could just be the ticket to you hitting better iron shots.  I have made a quick video which will give you immediate feedback on whether your AOA is ready for the course or not!  

For this drill all you need is some electrical tape or painters tape a golf ball and golf club.  I recommend starting with a 9 or 8 iron.   Put a small piece of tape in front of the golf ball about 3 to 4 inches, the further you put the tape the hard the drill is and the more down you will have to hit to complete drill correctly.  If you are doing drill outdoors substitute a tee for the tape and stick in the ground in front of ball.  Once you get drill set up you are ready!  This is a great way to ensure your ball striking stays at its best!

April Bonuses

April is here and bringing the 🔥, check out everything new coming to PinSeeker this month!

  • Ladies Only Free Tournament – You asked, we answered. Starting competing against other women in the Ladies Only Tournament on 4/11 at Pine Canyon from 111 yds for a chance at PinSeeker swag! The tournament ends on 4/17/22.
  • Instagram ONLY Giveaway with TeeBox Coffee – Follow @PinSeeker_Game on Instagram for your chance to enter and win.



Play in any cash tournament and you’re automatically entered to win! We’ll choose winners weekly.


4/4 – 5/1 | WIN $100 TO STITCH

Each week we will be giving out a gift card just for playing. A new winner will be chosen weekly to up their game with help from Stitch.

Product Updates

We’re excited to bring you up to speed on some of the items you have been requesting within the PinSeeker experience. Below is an update on our product roadmap:

Feature – E6 CONNECT iOS Compatibility 📱📱

One of the most requested features is finally here. For the past 4 weeks we have been testing PinSeeker being enabled in the iOS version of E6Connect. This is slated to launch in early April. Thank you for your patience getting this launch out to your mobile devices!

ETA: Early April

Feature – Tournament Flighting 🥇🥈🥉

While anyone can win in a closest-to-the-pin competition it’s obvious that win percentage as a better golfer is higher. We have been collecting data on every shot and are crafting a dynamic handicapping system that will flight tournaments appropriately. This feature will release with a rolling update in this order:

Algorithm: We have implemented an algorithm which is calculating a PinSeeker skill index which ranges from 1-36. New players will start with an index of 19. Your skill index will be visible in your profile.

Tournaments: Tournaments will be allocated across two flights initially: Champions & Rookies. We will eventually roll out two additional flights for a total of four.

New Tournament Homepage: The flighted tournaments will lead to a completely new way to visualize and select tournaments.

We are currently running Beta tournaments leveraging flighted tournaments giving some of you an early look.

ETA: Mid-May Full Release

Feature – eWallet 💸

Over the past couple of months, you may have noticed a lot of enhancements around our payment and payout processes. This is all geared to get us ready to turn on eWallet for our US players. We know how many people have requested this and we are happy to say we are almost ready for release.

Update: Many of you are aware we broke the payments experience up into multiple smaller enhancements. The last enhancement with full eWallet capability is in its last phases of testing and will be released to a beta group in mid May.

ETA: Mid May release

March Tournament Bonuses

We’re putting a new meaning to March Madness, we’ve revamped our tournament lineup and brought you new weekly giveaways.

  • $1 Entry Dailies – A new tournament every single day with an entry fee of just $1.
  • One Shot – A new tournament where the entry fee is just $1 and you get one shot at a winner takes all purse of $100.
  • These are just the highlights, check out the rest of the updates below. All new tournaments have our logo beside them.



Play in any cash tournament and you’re automatically entered to win! We’ll choose winners weekly.


3/7 – 3/27 | WIN $100 TO RHOBACK

Each week we will be giving out a gift card just for playing. A new winner will be chosen weekly to up their wardrobe at Rhoback.

Not only do we have some great bonuses, but, we’re dedicating all of our tournaments to support Ukraine. The tournaments will be split between United Help Ukraine and Save The Children.

February Tournament Bonuses

Winning big doesn’t have to be at high stakes. This month we’re bringing you more ways to win with new tournaments, extra bonuses, and giveaways. What’re you waiting for?

  • $2 Entry Weekly Tournaments – Play in the weekly tournament where the entry fee is only $2, the re-buy is $1 and you can take home a piece of $400.
  • $2 Entry Dailies – A new tournament every single day with an entry fee of just $2.
  • Hole In One Bonus – Win an EXTRA $100 if you get a HIO in any cash tournament, from 2/14-2/27💰


2/14-2/27 | WIN $50 TO SUNDAY GOLF

Play in any cash tournament and you’re automatically entered to win! You could win a new bag for the range or a cooler for the course. We’ll choose winners weekly.


2/14 – 2/27 | WIN $100 TO JOHNNIE O

Each week we will be giving out a gift card just for playing. Score some new gear just by swinging your club in any single tournament.

Not only do we have some great bonuses, but, we are also supporting some awesome charities. These new tournaments will be giving back to St. Jude Children’s Hospital, American Heart Association, and Alzheimers Association.

Tournament Payment and Payout Updates

We have an exciting update focused on our payment process in the app. It’s secure, automatic, and a much faster experience when you want to cash in your hard earned dollars from the leaderboard.

We’ve put together a video highlighting some of the updates.

Moving forward – You will now receive e-mails with your winnings right after a tournament closes. If there is any information required to receive payment, it will be handled in the app.

Next Phase – We will be putting in the rest of the eWallet system where US-based players will be able to:

  • Maintain a balance
  • Pay for tournament entries with winnings
  • Withdraw funds at any point (via bank transfer)

For now, Canada-based players will not have the eWallet functionality but will be able to continue playing by use of credit card for payment and a bank transfer for payouts. We expect a 2-3 week payout cycle after a tournament win for Canadian Players.

Share Your Swing Giveaway

Callaway Rogue ST Max Driver

What a better way to start the new year than to win the brand new Callaway Rogue ST Max Driver? One lucky PinSeeker will get the driver that is valued at $549.99 and has a preorder date of 1/21/22.

For more information on the giveaway, visit the giveaway post on one of our social medias below. Entries end on 1/14/22. [NOW CLOSED]

December Tournament Bonuses

Dear PinSeekers,

In December you can win big, even if you’re OB, again. We’ve got the upcoming tournament bonuses below, plus plenty of other surprise rewards coming at you in December. As always, review each tournament to see what charity you’re helping us support. 

Haven’t tried PinSeeker yet? Download it today and play. 



Each Week in December we’re giving away an annual membership to Me and My Golf. Play in our Weekly Tournament and get an automatic entry. Whether you are looking to learn the basics, straighten your drives, strike the ball pure, or gain extra yards, a Me And My Golf membership has you covered.



Play in any Free Tournament and you’re automatically entered to win a $150 gift card. We’re giving out $150 each week all December long and it’s free to play.



In November, 14 PinSeekers achieved a hole in one. Every single day in December we’re giving an extra $500 to anyone who can ace it in a Cash Tournament.

More importantly, this December you can choose to swing for the Bubba Watson foundation, Wounded Warriors Project, or Puppies and Golf.

Product & Tournament Update – November

Dear PinSeekers,

We hope you are having an awesome weekend and have had time to take swings in a PinSeeker tournament. Over the last two months we have been progressing through features we mentioned to you in our last product update. Below you’ll find updates on how we’re progressing on the features; but first, we have an exciting update to our tournament lineup.

What’s Changing In PinSeeker Tournaments:

  • Entirely new tournament lineup
  • Tournament purses are increasing by 56%
  • Weekly total purses are going from $5,975 to $9,335
  • Introducing 7 new tournaments, going from 15 to 22 cash tournaments
  • Tournament payout positions are going from 231 to 368

The new tournaments are scheduled to start on Monday the 15th, so be on the lookout for them and stick it tight! Here is a brief update on our roadmap items:

Feature – YES I CANADA 🇨🇦

Our friends to the north have been waiting patiently for PinSeeker to arrive in Canada. We have been jumping through legal hurdles and regulatory hoops to arrive across the border.

ETA: Early October

Update: Canada is now live!

Feature – eWallet ⚡💸

You asked for it! Say goodbye to paper checks, credit cards on each tournament and not being able to use your payout to play in future tournaments. eWallet will move PinSeeker from a pay-by-tournament model to a deposit-to-play model. We believe this is going to make payouts and tournament experiences much smoother.

ETA: Early November Beta Release

Update: We are rolling this out in a phased approach. Players who have payouts being processed will soon be able to link their Bank Account with Plaid allowing PinSeeker to verify ACH details for faster payments. Soon after the ACH component is live, you’ll be receiving updates on the eWallet capabilities. Here are a few screenshots:

Feature – Tournament Flighting 🥇🥈🥉

While anyone can win in a closest-to-the-pin competition it’s obvious that the win percentage as a better golfer is higher. We have been collecting data on every shot and are crafting a dynamic handicapping system that will flight tournaments appropriately.

ETA: Late 2021 Beta Release

Update: We are through the design process and the dynamic leveling (similar to handicap index) algorithm design. We are on track to deliver towards the end of December or early January for a Beta Release. New tournaments will be rolled out allowing players in specific levels to play in the respective flight. All players can play up a flight but no player can play down.

[New] Feature – E6 CONNECT iOS Compatibility 📱📱

PinSeeker’s experience is currently not embedded into the iOS build of E6 CONNECT, inhibiting players who utilize iOS as the main interface. This roadmap item includes PinSeeker’s game mode inside the E6 CONNECT iOS app.

ETA: Late 2021

New Games / Alternate Formats ⛳⛳

PinSeeker’s experience is smooth, fast, and simple. But we want to create an environment where you can remain competitive on a collection of tournaments and point systems across timelines. This may move beyond CTP as a format.


If you’ve made it this far in our email, you are a real pro! We appreciate your participation and your feedback. If you have any other comments please reach out to us at [email protected] Stay safe!

Greens & Fairways,

The PinSeeker Team

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