Product Update – Livestreaming

Our new Livestream feature lets you film yourself right from the PinSeeker app while you compete in tournaments. These streams are available for other players to tune in or to watch later. They’re a great way to ratchet up the pressure of each shot even more.

Talk smack and back it up on video, so your competition can see you stick it close. Watch other players and see if they can hit clutch shots to pass you on the leaderboard.

Your streams are available live and saved for later viewing as well. All videos are accessed from the tournament leaderboard. To begin a Livestream, begin a tournament swing session. Then, tap Livestream Swing Session, make sure you look good on camera, then tap Go Live Now.

Product Update: Flight Rebalancing (March 2023)

We are always monitoring player performance, tournament results and community feedback. We’re making some changes to maintain a healthy competitive balance for our cash players.

As of March 13th, we’ve adjusted our flight breakdowns. Depending on your current skill index, your flight may have changed. If so, you likely qualify for new tournaments in your new flight.

  • The Championship flight has been tightened up to keep competition hot for our highest-ranked players.
  • The Third flight has been expanded to increase the size of the player pool and provide more opportunities to play.
  • The First and Second flights have also been adjusted, to encourage large player populations with reasonable skill variance.
  • Skill index calculations have not changed. Your skill index will continue to update as you take shots, and you may move from flight to flight. We are exploring adjustments to our skill index algorithm for the future.

As PinSeeker grows, we’ll continue watching and rebalancing our flights.

Cash Tournaments Now Available In Great Britain & Ireland!

Users located in Great Britain and Ireland can now compete for cash! Once you compete in three cash tournaments you will be given a personalized skill index and be put in a flight with players who are similar to you. Stick it close and start winning cash today!

Product Update: Introducing 2 New Flights!

We are excited to announce the arrival of two new Flights in the PinSeeker app. We have been carefully watching the distribution of player skill indexes inside the tournaments and have decided the time is now to increase the number of flights from two to four. Here is what this means for you:

  • Starting January 1st, you’ll be playing against people more closely tracking your skill level 🥇
  • If you were once in the Champion flight, you may now be in the newly named “First Flight”. Don’t fear, you are still a champion at heart 💪
  • To ensure you’re playing in your designated flight, use the flight filter at the top of your Tournaments screen.
  • We believe we hurt some people’s feelings by calling you a Rookie! We apologize, and have now changed the name to “Second Flight” ❤️

New Feature: Official PinSeeker Standings

PinSeeker’s tournaments have proven to be an incredible way to compete against players all over the globe, and now they are getting even better. Starting December 1st, all tournaments will award points in an Official Standings leaderboard awarding prizes as you navigate to the top. Lookout FedEx!

Earn points. Win Cash. 💸

In addition to cash payouts, each tournament now has a Points Payout. You’ll see leaderboard positions pay cash and/or points when participating in a tournament.

What are the points good for?

You will automatically be placed on the Official PinSeeker Standings as you accrue points. You can find the standings by clicking on the new navigation icon at the bottom of the PinSeeker app titled “Standings.”

Every player is automatically entered into timebound Cups within the Official Standings. Each cup runs for a specific date range shown within the app, and for every tournament ending in that date range, you’ll accrue points for the cup. So…the more points you earn, the higher you climb on the cup leaderboards. Climb high enough, and you’ll find yourself winning cash; no entry fee is required.

Note: To show up on a leaderboard for a cup that has a purse, you must be at least 18 years of age.

How are the Points Distributed per Tournament?

To see how points are distributed amongst tournaments and players, check out the Points Distribution.

PinSeeker Expands Internationally!

PinSeeker is now live in The British Isles, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, and India! This opens the door for more competition in our closest-to-the-pin tournaments, so keep and eye out for new names on the leaderboard. For now users compete in free tournaments for swag and clout!

Cheers 🍻

eWallet & ID Verification

Say goodbye to credit card payments for each tournament and bank account transfers every week. If you’re located in the US, your winnings will start to be deposited into your eWallet immediately after each tournament. You will be able to directly use them to play in more tournaments and be able to withdraw your eWallet balance on your own schedule at any time.

To start:

  • Once enabled, all future winnings will be deposited into your eWallet.
  • Your balance can then be used for entry and rebuy fees for future tournaments.
  • Limit of one withdrawal at a time (usually takes 2-3 days to process)
  • Limit of $500 per withdrawal

To further improve our compliance with anti-money laundering laws, ensure fair competition, and enable our eWallet system for our US players, we have to make sure that our players are who they say they are. All players will have to do a quick one-time verification of their personal information before being able to collect any further winnings. This is the same information we already have to gather for tax purposes when a player reaches the W-9 threshold amount.

The video below will take you through all of our new updates and how they appear in the app:

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