Virtual closest-to-the-pin tournaments for real cash, right from your launch monitor.

Download the PinSeeker app to access tournaments paying over $22,000 weekly. Choose your tournament and link your launch monitor to start for free today!

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Top launch monitors are compatible with PinSeeker:


Who is winning on PinSeeker?

For every golfer who enjoys being competitive and supporting great causes, PinSeeker is an app that provides access to online closest-to-the-pin tournaments benefitting charities. Unlike traditional golf tournaments, PinSeeker uses networked golf simulators to open up the tournaments to anyone in the world.

Won over $39k
Skill Index 1
Won over $28k
Skill Index 1
Won over $18k
Skill Index 2
Won over $18k
Skill Index 6
Won over $15k
Skill Index 2
Won over $14k
Skill Index 15

Here's How It Works:

PinSeeker integrates with launch monitors of all brands to facilitate tournaments. Follow these steps to get started with PinSeeker today. Cash payouts, competitive banter and supporting great causes is a click away.

Step 1

Find A Simulator

Participate in PinSeeker tournaments from your favorite launch monitor at home or at an indoor golf facility. Any launch monitor campatible with E6 Connect like the FlightScope Mevo+, Garmin R10, and many others allow you to participate in the tournaments.

The top launch monitors in the world are compatible with PinSeeker through the E6 Connect software. Download E6 Connect today to get started.

Connect the PinSeeker App to E6 CONNECT
Step 2

Download, Sign Up & Select A Tournament

Download the App for your mobile device, create your account and browse the tournament offerings. Choose a free tournament to warm up or win swag. When you're ready, opt for a cash tournament to put your skills to the test.

PinSeeker Game Formats

Step 3

Select & Connect

Choose your tournament then connect your mobile device to a simulator and take your swings. Make sure you are running the most current version of E6 CONNECT software. Download latest version here.

Once you’ve registered for your tournament through the app, simply launch the PinSeeker game from the simulator and scan the QR code on the sim screen with your device. You’ll have 5 swings to get closest-to-the-pin.

Connect the PinSeeker App to E6 CONNECT

Step 4

Compete to Win!

View the real time leaderboard as you take your swings. The closest-to-the-pin will take the top prize and the leaderboard will payout deep with the rest of the player purse.

Compete with players all over the globe and see how you stack up. Prizes are awarded down the leaderboard and all payouts are matched dollar-for-dollar to the featured charity for each tournament.

PinSeeker Game Formats

One Swing Can Change Everything.

A new way to compete is here for E6 CONNECT.

PinSeeker Golf Course Background Image

Two Ways To Play

PinSeeker offers 2 different tournament types for you…

PinSeeker Game Formats


  • - Play for Fun, Bragging Rights or SWAG
  • - Multiple tournaments every day
  • - Practice your Game
PinSeeker Game Formats


  • - Play to WIN pro-level payouts
  • - Several new tournaments every week
  • - Generate $$$$ for Charities
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The PinSeeker Mission

To build a global network of golfers, inspiring players to be both competitive and socially impactful.

We believe in a world where competitive golf is the driver of social impact. PinSeeker enables every golfer to compete, win, and support causes that improve lives - anywhere, anytime.

8K+ Users participated in PinSeeker tournaments.

385K+ Shots taken sticking it tight on our tournaments.

25M Our goal to give back to socially impactful causes.

20+ Charities partnering with PinSeeker to change the world.

Partner with PinSeeker

PinSeeker's network consists of players, charities, indoor golf venues, pros, corporate sponsors, and many others to create a competitive and socially impactful golf experience. Get in touch today to see how we can partner.

For Charities For Indoor Golf Venues
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