Tournament Payment and Payout Updates

Tournament Payment and Payout Updates

We have an exciting update focused on our payment process in the app. It’s secure, automatic, and a much faster experience when you want to cash in your hard earned dollars from the leaderboard.

We’ve put together a video highlighting some of the updates.

Moving forward – You will now receive e-mails with your winnings right after a tournament closes. If there is any information required to receive payment, it will be handled in the app.

Next Phase – We will be putting in the rest of the eWallet system where US-based players will be able to:

  • Maintain a balance
  • Pay for tournament entries with winnings
  • Withdraw funds at any point (via bank transfer)

For now, Canada-based players will not have the eWallet functionality but will be able to continue playing by use of credit card for payment and a bank transfer for payouts. We expect a 2-3 week payout cycle after a tournament win for Canadian Players.

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