Get Your Swing Back For Spring | IRON AOA

Get Your Swing Back For Spring | IRON AOA

Angle of attack (AOA) is one of those data points people ignore and take for granted due to they just don’t understand how it really works and what other areas it affects in the outcome of your golf shots.  A lot of your launch monitors do not read this data and a lot that do don’t do a very good job.  This is why I wanted to bring you a video with a simple drill that will keep your AOA in check.

First let’s talk about what AOA is.  AOA is the angle created by the direction the club is moving relative to the horizon (the ground) at impact.  Sounds simple but if you really take a deep dive into AOA and the ripple effects of AOA you will see it can be complex and is a critical data point that dictates start direction and curvature of the golf ball.  AOA help makes up something called the D-plane which is a whole other article.  Today I just want you to understand what is AOA and why it is important with your Irons to hit down.

If your AOA is poor then it will be virtually impossible to reach the goal of improving.  The reason is simple, the golf club is designed for you to hit down on the ball and to let the natural loft to get ball in the air.  The golf club does not need your help getting airborne.  Even the bottom of the club has something called bounce to help you hit down on the ball and the club not get stuck!   So understanding that a steeper attack is actually what clubs are designed for us to do could just be the ticket to you hitting better iron shots.  I have made a quick video which will give you immediate feedback on whether your AOA is ready for the course or not!  

For this drill all you need is some electrical tape or painters tape a golf ball and golf club.  I recommend starting with a 9 or 8 iron.   Put a small piece of tape in front of the golf ball about 3 to 4 inches, the further you put the tape the hard the drill is and the more down you will have to hit to complete drill correctly.  If you are doing drill outdoors substitute a tee for the tape and stick in the ground in front of ball.  Once you get drill set up you are ready!  This is a great way to ensure your ball striking stays at its best!

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