Say Goodbye To Your Chunk Or Thin

Say Goodbye To Your Chunk Or Thin

Probably the most desired outcome of golfers when they get a lesson is more distance. While most players think that they need a better path or better hand position, the root cause of lost distance is solid contact. If players start to really focus on contact and nothing else, that alone should transform your game! 

Curing Your Chunk

A fat shot can kill your score. Chunking means the ball typically doesn’t go far and once you do it, you’ll tend to make the problem worse due to deceleration and poor weight transfer. The cause of the fat shot is ultimately LOW POINT control.  The low point is the bottom part of the arc where the club reaches it lowest point. With an iron the low point needs to be in front of the ball on the target side, this would mean the club is traveling down towards ground as we make contact. The only way to hit a fat shot is if the low point is behind the ball, which means the club hits the ground before ball contact.  There are many reasons poor low point positions in a players swing, but typically it is poor weight transfer.  Players that hit the ball fat typically hang back on their trail foot for too long and they cant get to lead side before ball contact. This will cause club to hit ground first. Watch the following video for tips to cure this issue!

Thin Shot Cure

The thin shot is not the worst problem to have, but if you’re a topper of the ball then this drill is a must. The only way you can hit the top part of the ball is for the club and body to raise up during contact.  We call this early extension. Early extension is when the pelvis moves toward the ball, which causes the torso to lift up out of the shot. Since our hands are ultimately connected to our torso, this means the club hits top portion of the ball. Fix early extension through the tips in the following video!

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