The PS Open Championship 2023

The PS Open Championship 2023


  • 6/12/23 – 6/16/23
  • Entry: $10 for 3 swings
  • $100 Purse – 3 Winners

The PS Open Championship will have flighted qualifiers Monday – Friday.  Each flight will have a separate qualifier – 10 spots from each will make the cut

If you qualify in a higher flight, your qualifier in the higher flight tournament isn’t counted, therefore not taking the place of a lower flighted player.  I.e. if a player qualifies in flight 3 and in flight 1, the flight 1 spot is not considered. If there are not enough players in a flight to fill out the 10 spots, then there will only be that number of players from that flight.  We will not pull qualifiers from other flights to round out 10 players.

The PS Open Championship

  • 6/17/23 – 6/18/23
  • Entry: $10 for 1 swing
  • $300 Purse – 5 Winners
  • Winner takes home a customized PS Open Decanter 👇🏼
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