PinSeeker Partners with TruGolf Simulators

PinSeeker Partners with TruGolf Simulators

PinSeeker has officially partnered with TruGolf, Inc., a leading golf simulator and simulation software company. TruGolf’s E6 CONNECT software directly communicates with the PinSeeker app, allowing anyone with access to a golf simulator with E6 to compete on PinSeeker.

The E6 software is an outstanding piece of technology that combines the largest global network of golf simulators, so golfers can easily find a place to compete. TruGolf’s relationship with several simulator OEMs over the last 20 years has expanded their golf simulator network into the valuable and engaging virtual experience it is today. Now, any golf simulator with the E6 CONNECT software can host PinSeeker tournaments and games, meaning golfers have more chances to play (and win).

The PinSeeker app allows golfers from all over the world to compete in different games using golf simulators, most popularly in closest to the pin contests. PinSeeker’s proprietary app provides golfers with live leaderboards and rankings for each game played.

Founder Sean Breslin’s vision for PinSeeker is to “be a new and exciting game, similar to a hole-in-one game on the course, played at 800,000+ annual golf fundraiser events and be the most sought-out virtual golf game in the world since Golden Tee launched in 1989.” In Cash Tournaments, top-performing players can win cash payouts, and PinSeeker then matches the tournament purse and donates it to company-approved cause groups.

PinSeeker’s mission is to build a global network of golfers, inspiring players to be both competitive and socially impactful. By partnering with TruGolf, PinSeeker believes it can reach its goal of raising $500 million in the next five years, all from hosting impactful fundraisers on the E6-powered PinSeeker app.

TruGolf CEO Ryan Jones says, “TruGolf’s mission is to connect golfers, gamers, and fans through unique digital golf experiences. Partnering with PinSeeker offered us an opportunity to continue to innovate our products in a way that’s exciting for our customers – and help drive social change. We believe making the game more connected and accessible is the future of golf.”

Breslin states, “Each year over $4 billion dollars is raised here in the United States for cause groups through the game of golf. We believe that PinSeeker will be able to help organizations increase fundraising and guarantee a higher net profit from each event. PinSeeker increases the excitement of the traditional golf scramble or tournament by providing a virtual game extension. As a standalone Virtual Tournament, logistics are a fraction of a traditional event and PinSeeker guarantees up to 80% of all tournament funds go back to the actual cause. We can guarantee such a high-rate return for our partners because we don’t have the hard cost of event planning and we are not subject to things like weather cancellation.”

PinSeeker is currently running a revolutionary series of virtual golf Fundraiser Tournaments and contests with the American Cancer Society. Breslin adds, “We are excited to align with the American Cancer Society to provide PinSeeker virtual tournaments and new donations to such a worthy organization.”

There are 14 different golf simulator brands compatible with the E6 software, expanding golfers’ opportunities to play for their causes and cash prizes. Whether the golfers are competing at their local course, a bar, or even an airport, they can all contribute to the American Cancer Society fundraiser while doing what they love to do. While in beta, PinSeeker has raised more than $28,000 for the American Cancer Society, the First Tee – Louisville, and the Justin Thomas Foundation.

PinSeeker looks forward to continuing to collaborate and develop more golf games with TruGolf. TruGolf’s mission of connected digital golf experiences, known as the Virtual Golf Association, is the foundation of the PinSeeker experience. Because TruGolf’s E6 software will allow more golfers to compete, the PinSeeker game will drive incredible social change in the golf industry.

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