PinSeeker Reaches Major Milestone with over $50,000 Donated to Charity

PinSeeker Reaches Major Milestone with over $50,000 Donated to Charity

Our mission at PinSeeker is simple. Build a global network of golfers, inspiring players to be both competitive and socially impactful. 

This July we reached a key turning point on our path towards that mission when we launched our official partnership with TruGolf, Inc.  This enabled us to allow anyone with the PinSeeker app and TruGolf’s E6 CONNECT to compete in our virtual closet to the pin contests all around the country.

Putting the last month into perspective, we’ve seen players make hole in-ones, win by inches and we’ve been able to build an intimate community of golf enthusiasts looking for the next great thing in golf. Adding to this, we’ve seen simulators all over the country coming online and golfers overseas feverishly waiting for our game to be compatible with applicable local rules and regulations. While these tournaments have been fun, PinSeeker was built on an idea of giving back to communities around the world. So as we’re still celebrating our launch, we are also celebrating another incredible milestone that took place about a week ago. We have officially donated over $50,000 to charity including the likes of American Cancer Society, Justin Thomas Foundation, The Jordan Spieth Family, and Golf House Kentucky.

To speak on our quick success and what the future holds for PinSeeker, we sat down with our Founder, Sean Breslin, to better understand what people can expect in the next few months as well as why the charitable aspect of our company is so important.

Breslin notes that, at PinSeeker, giving back is at the heart of everything we do, which is exactly why we started donating during our beta phase, way before we officially launched. Golf is one of the most charitable sports in the world so we wanted to carry on this tradition and we found that our tournaments set up the opportunities to create a difference. Breslin also noted, “The opportunity to do something impactful within society is massive with PinSeeker, the app allows us to use our platform for a bigger cause than just golf.” 

We wouldn’t be able to do this without golfers playing in our events as well as our venue and charity partners. The beauty in all of this is that almost everyone actually “has a philanthropic bone in them. People play in our tournaments and we make it very clear that a charity is tied to the tournament. PinSeeker taps into people’s emotions and gives them a chance to not only win some money, but give back to charity at the same time.” 

Looking at the future, there is a lot in store for the company. “Within the next 2 to 3 years, 200,000 simulators will be compatible with PinSeeker,” Breslin says. Continuing to talk about the charity aspect of PinSeeker we are happy about $50K but are aggressively looking to surpass that $100K mark next. Breslin joyously shared with us that “Soon, we will be creating annual Invitationals through our app that allow people to play on a more competitive stage with 80% of the proceeds going to major charities such as American Cancer Society”. The future shows a lot of promise to make more fun ways for golfers all over to play, win cash and ultimately give back to charity!

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