Product & Tournament Update – November

Product & Tournament Update – November

Dear PinSeekers,

We hope you are having an awesome weekend and have had time to take swings in a PinSeeker tournament. Over the last two months we have been progressing through features we mentioned to you in our last product update. Below you’ll find updates on how we’re progressing on the features; but first, we have an exciting update to our tournament lineup.

What’s Changing In PinSeeker Tournaments:

  • Entirely new tournament lineup
  • Tournament purses are increasing by 56%
  • Weekly total purses are going from $5,975 to $9,335
  • Introducing 7 new tournaments, going from 15 to 22 cash tournaments
  • Tournament payout positions are going from 231 to 368

The new tournaments are scheduled to start on Monday the 15th, so be on the lookout for them and stick it tight! Here is a brief update on our roadmap items:

Feature – YES I CANADA 🇨🇦

Our friends to the north have been waiting patiently for PinSeeker to arrive in Canada. We have been jumping through legal hurdles and regulatory hoops to arrive across the border.

ETA: Early October

Update: Canada is now live!

Feature – eWallet ⚡💸

You asked for it! Say goodbye to paper checks, credit cards on each tournament and not being able to use your payout to play in future tournaments. eWallet will move PinSeeker from a pay-by-tournament model to a deposit-to-play model. We believe this is going to make payouts and tournament experiences much smoother.

ETA: Early November Beta Release

Update: We are rolling this out in a phased approach. Players who have payouts being processed will soon be able to link their Bank Account with Plaid allowing PinSeeker to verify ACH details for faster payments. Soon after the ACH component is live, you’ll be receiving updates on the eWallet capabilities. Here are a few screenshots:

Feature – Tournament Flighting 🥇🥈🥉

While anyone can win in a closest-to-the-pin competition it’s obvious that the win percentage as a better golfer is higher. We have been collecting data on every shot and are crafting a dynamic handicapping system that will flight tournaments appropriately.

ETA: Late 2021 Beta Release

Update: We are through the design process and the dynamic leveling (similar to handicap index) algorithm design. We are on track to deliver towards the end of December or early January for a Beta Release. New tournaments will be rolled out allowing players in specific levels to play in the respective flight. All players can play up a flight but no player can play down.

[New] Feature – E6 CONNECT iOS Compatibility 📱📱

PinSeeker’s experience is currently not embedded into the iOS build of E6 CONNECT, inhibiting players who utilize iOS as the main interface. This roadmap item includes PinSeeker’s game mode inside the E6 CONNECT iOS app.

ETA: Late 2021

New Games / Alternate Formats ⛳⛳

PinSeeker’s experience is smooth, fast, and simple. But we want to create an environment where you can remain competitive on a collection of tournaments and point systems across timelines. This may move beyond CTP as a format.


If you’ve made it this far in our email, you are a real pro! We appreciate your participation and your feedback. If you have any other comments please reach out to us at [email protected]. Stay safe!

Greens & Fairways,

The PinSeeker Team

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