Inaugural Product Update Series

Inaugural Product Update Series

We recently ran a player survey to understand what you love, but most importantly what you dislike about the PinSeeker experience. With hundreds of survey participants (THANK YOU), we now have our first of many communications to tell you what is coming soon inside PinSeeker.

Survey Highlights

  • 8.8 out of 10 players surveyed said they would recommend PinSeeker to their friends. We’re flattered 🥰
  • Not many of you like paper checks or waiting for snail mail. Neither do we 📬
  • Many players mentioned finding a simulator as the main reason why playing isn’t as easy as they’d like it to be. We have a task force to help make simulators more available, but it won’t happen overnight 🧐
  • The feature requests from the players were all similar and we are hard at work on many of them 👷👷‍♀️
  • Some of the players asked for things or had concerns about the experience which has already been addressed in the game play. We need to communicate better ☎️
  • The charitable nature of PinSeeker was a meaningful aspect of the game more most players. We think so too 🙏

We consider ourselves lucky to have such great players willing to give us this feedback. So in our effort to be more transparent, we’re outlining a few of our core features coming soon. These are ordered in soonest release:

Feature – YES I CANADA 🇨🇦

Our friends to the north have been waiting patiently for PinSeeker to arrive in Canada. We have been jumping through legal hurdles and regulatory hoops to arrive across the border.
ETA: Early October

Feature – eWallet ⚡💸

You asked for it! Say good bye to paper checks, credit cards on each tournament and not being able to use your payout to play in future tournaments. eWallet will move PinSeeker from a pay-by-tournament model to a deposit-to-play model. We believe this is going to make payouts and tournament experiences much smoother.
ETA: Early November Beta Release

Feature – Tournament Flighting 🥇🥈🥉

While anyone can win in a closest-to-the-pin competition its obvious that win percentage as a better golfer is higher. We have been collecting data on every shot and are crafting a dynamic handicapping system that will flight tournaments appropriately.
ETA: Late 2021 Beta Release

Feature New Games / Alternate Formats ⛳⛳

PinSeeker’s experience is smooth, fast, and simple. But we want to create an environment where you can remain competitive on a collection of tournaments and point systems across timelines. This may move beyond CTP as a format.

If you’ve made it this far, you are a real pro! We appreciate your participation and your feedback. If you have any other comments please reach out to us at [email protected]. Stay safe!

Greens & Fairways,

The PinSeeker Product Team

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