Product Update: Flight Rebalancing (March 2023)

We are always monitoring player performance, tournament results and community feedback. We’re making some changes to maintain a healthy competitive balance for our cash players.

As of March 13th, we’ve adjusted our flight breakdowns. Depending on your current skill index, your flight may have changed. If so, you likely qualify for new tournaments in your new flight.

  • The Championship flight has been tightened up to keep competition hot for our highest-ranked players.
  • The Third flight has been expanded to increase the size of the player pool and provide more opportunities to play.
  • The First and Second flights have also been adjusted, to encourage large player populations with reasonable skill variance.
  • Skill index calculations have not changed. Your skill index will continue to update as you take shots, and you may move from flight to flight. We are exploring adjustments to our skill index algorithm for the future.

As PinSeeker grows, we’ll continue watching and rebalancing our flights.

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