The Garmin Series – Win an Approach S70!

The Garmin Series will give you the chance to take home a Garmin Approach S70 (valued at $699). The tournament series will run 7/31/23 – 8/6/23. Players can earn 2 total entries by competing in any Garmin Series tournament and livestreaming their swing session.


The winner of the Garmin Approach S70 (valued at $699) will be selected on 8/7/23 at 12 PM EST. The winner will be contacted via email by 8/8/23. The winner will be selected by random drawing. Each player can be entered to win a total of 2 times. Players may get 1 entry by playing in any Garmin Series Tournament running 7/31/23 – 8/6/23. Players may earn an extra entry by livestreaming their tournament entry in the PinSeeker App. No purchase necessary to enter or win. Making a purchase or payment of any kind will not increase your chances of winning. Void where prohibited or restricted by law. Enter the tournament or complete the form below to enter. Automated or robotic entries submitted by individuals or organizations will be disqualified. Internet entry must be made by the entrant. Any attempt by an entrant to obtain more than the stated number of entires by using multiple/different email addresses, identities, registrations, logins or any other methods, including, but not limited to, commercial contest/sweepstakes subscription notification and/or entering services, will void entrant’s entries and that entrant may be disqualified.


There will be 5 total tournaments in the Garmin Series:
Garmin Series – Championship
Garmin Series – First Flight
Garmin Series – Second Flight
Garmin Series – Third Flight
Garmin Series – Free

Enter The Giveaway

PinSeeker Contest Rules



Last Modified: August 8, 2022


## Eligibility

Natural persons of at least 13 years of age but not yet 18 years of age may participate only in Competitions that do not involve the payment of an entry fee or the award of a prize. Competitions involving the payment of an entry fee or the award of a prize are limited to natural persons of at least 18 years of age.

You must be a registered user of Pinseeker’s Services in accordance with the Terms of Use in order to participate in any Competition. If a credit card, identification card or other form of identification has been provided in connection with your registration, you must be the individual named as the account holder or on the identification, as applicable.

Competitions which involve the payment of an entry fee or the opportunity to win a prize are open only to participants located in the states and the other jurisdictions indicated in the Competition. Without limiting the foregoing, you may not participate in any Competition unless you are physically located in a U.S. state or jurisdiction in which participation by you in such Competition is not prohibited or restricted by the laws of such state or jurisdiction. You are solely responsible for determining whether any Competition complies with the state and local laws and regulations applicable to you. VOID WHERE PROHIBITED BY LAW.

Pinseeker employees may participate in Competitions for the purpose of testing the user experience, but may not receive any cash prize or other prize having monetary value. Pinseeker affiliates, vendors and partners may participate in Competitions unless they possess or have access to non-public information respecting the Competition that would provide them with any advantage in participating in the Competition.

Pinseeker may require participants in Competitions to verify eligibility and may use information available to Pinseeker (such as location data provided through a mobile application) to verify eligibility. If Pinseeker determines in its sole judgment that an ineligible participant has participated in a Competition, or if a participant fails to cooperate in the requested verification of the participant’s eligibility, any funds held in the account of, or winnings awarded to, such participant shall be forfeited or, if paid to the participant, subject to repayment to Pinseeker, and the incident shall be reported to the appropriate authorities. Pinseeker may verify eligibility directly or use a third party service (such as Persona Identities, Inc.) for the purpose of verifying the eligibility of a participant in a Competition.

## Competitions

Each Competition may be subject to additional rules specific to such Competition. Please be sure to check for specific rules respecting each Competition before you participate.

Pinseeker reserves the right to limit the number of Competitions, whether in general or of any particular type, that a participant may enter in any given time period. You may not enter a Competition more than once or, if a Competition specifies otherwise, the number of times specified with respect to such Competition. You will not enter or attempt to enter a Competition more than the permitted number of times by making use of multiple accounts or user profiles.

Each Competition will involve multiple participants each taking one or more golf tee shots (“Shots”), as specified with respect to each Competition, using an eligible, physical golf simulator running an unmodified version of software compatible with Pinseeker (each a “Golf Simulator”) at the course and hole on the Golf Simulator designated by the Competition. Only Shots taken on a Golf Simulator at the applicable course and hole using the Services shall be counted with respect to a Competition. Regardless of the number of Shots taken by a participant, only the Shot by that participant that comes to rest on the green of the designated hole and closest to the pin for the designated hole (“Best Shot”) shall be considered for the purposes of determining the participant’s ranking for the Competition. Upon completion of a Competition, the respective Best Shots of all participants will be ranked based on closeness to the designated hole such that the participant with the Best Shot closest to the designated hole is assigned first place, the participant with the Best Shot farthest from the hole is assigned last place, and the other participants are assigned places between these two. For purposes of determining the ranking of Best Shots, measurements of Shots shall be made in inches, rounded to two (2) decimal points.

If there is a tie among Competition participants, the prize money, if any, for the corresponding Best Shot rankings will be split evenly among such tied participants. For these purposes, the corresponding Best Shot rankings (i) include the number of  Best Shot rankings equal to the number of tied participants, and (ii) start with the highest Best Shot ranking achieved by the Best Shot of the tied participants and proceed to the next lowest Best Shot Rankings. Any Best Shots ranked below the tied participants will be assigned Best Shot rankings beginning with the next ranking below the lowest ranking assigned to the tied participants. For example, if the prize money for 1st place is $100 and the prize for 2nd place is $50 and two participants tie for 1st place, the prizes for 1st and 2nd place will be combined and split equally between them. In that case, each tied participant would get $75. The participant with the 2nd ranked Best Shot would be assigned the 3rd place for purposes of determining eligibility for a prize.

The results of any Competition will depend on the number and skill level of the participants.

## Duration of Competitions

Each Competition will specify the time period during which it will be conducted. To participate in a Competition, you must complete at least one Shot during the time period specified with respect to the Competition. If a Competition requires the payment of an entry fee, such entry fee will not be refundable or subject to the issuance of any credit due to your failure to complete one or more of your Shots within the time period specified for the Competition. Pinseeker is not responsible for any delays or difficulties you might experience in completing your Shots in a timely manner including, without limitation, any delays or difficulties experienced with respect to technical difficulties, equipment or service issues or the availability of a participating Golf Simulator.

## Equipment and Environment

Pinseeker does not own, manufacture or maintain any of the Golf Simulators that may be used in connection with the Competitions. Such Golf Simulators, and the environments in which they may be used, may differ. Differences might impact the performance of participants in the Competitions differently, potentially conferring advantages to some participants over others. It is your responsibility to determine whether a Golf Simulator or the environment in which it may be used is suitable for your participation in a Competition. Pinseeker is not responsible for the condition, performance or availability of any Golf Simulator.

No equipment may be used with the Golf Simulator for purposes of the Competition other than a golf club meeting the Equipment Rules published by the USGA from time to time. Pinseeker reserves the right to disqualify any Shot taken in a Competition if Pinseeker becomes aware of the use of any noncompliant equipment or of any malfunction or interference, intentional or otherwise, with the Golf Simulator used in connection with such Shot. Pinseeker’s sole liability to participant with respect to a disqualified Shot will be to provide, at its election, a credit or refund of entry fees with respect to the disqualified Shot, subject to participant’s eligibility for such credit or refund. Participants are not eligible for a credit or refund in cases where participant used noncompliant or intentionally modified equipment.

## Entry Fees

Where a Competition specifies that participation is subject to the payment of an entry fee or that any other element of participation requires the payment of a fee, each such fee shall be paid prior to participation. If a Competition involves the payment of an entry fee, the Competition shall specify the number of Shots the participant is permitted to take with respect to the participant’s entry into the Competition and whether any additional Shots may be purchased by the participant in connection with the Competition. All entry fees are stated in U.S. Dollars and are non-refundable.

## Prizes

Each Competition will specify the prize or prizes, if any, to be awarded to the winning participant and, if applicable, other participants achieving specified criteria. If you meet the criteria specified with respect to the award of a prize in connection with a Competition, it will be awarded to you subject to our verification that you have met the relevant criteria and that your use of the Services and participation in each Competition has at all times been in accordance with the Terms, these Rules and any other rules applicable to a Competition. If you receive a payment or other prize in error, we may reverse or require return of the payment. We may also reduce payment to you without notice to adjust for any previous overpayment. Prizes are nontransferable.

All cash prizes will be delivered using the Dwolla eWallet (which will allow ACH transfers to the player) for U.S. players and international EFT transfers for international players. For any Competition that does not provide  cash prizes, prizes will be awarded using coupons delivered via email that enable the participant to obtain Pinseeker merchandise.

Before awarding any prize, Pinseeker may require you to provide additional personal or other information such as your legal name, date of birth, permanent residential address, email address, alias, username, password, and social security number sufficient to permit Pinseeker to pay or provide the prize in compliance with tax, regulatory or other reporting requirements. Pinseeker will request such information through the Pinseeker app or use the email address associated with your account to request such information. All prizes that would otherwise be awarded will be forfeited if any such request for information is not fully satisfied within sixty (60) days after it is made by Pinseeker. Pinseeker may retain any such information during such period it reasonably determines it is required to retain it under the applicable tax, regulatory or other reporting requirements.

In compliance with United States Internal Revenue Service regulations, an IRS Form 1099-MISC or other appropriate forms will be sent to any participant whose winnings (whether cash or otherwise) exceed $600 (USD) in any given calendar year. W-9 and/or additional tax forms may also be required. Withholding shall (from an existing account balance and/or future winnings) apply for any amount required to be withheld by law, provided, that, the participant shall be responsible for complying with all applicable federal and other tax requirements.

## Charitable Donations

To the extent that a Competition specifies that any portion of the entry fees or any other amount will be donated by Pinseeker to a charitable organization, and subject to the Terms and these Rules, such charitable donation shall be made by Pinseeker. Such charitable donation shall not be deemed to have been made by any Participant. Pinseeker reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to donate any amount forfeited by a Participant pursuant to the Terms and these Rules to the charitable organization selected by Pinseeker.

## Integrity of Competition

Pinseeker reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to cancel, terminate, modify or suspend any Competition should any computer virus, non-authorized human intervention, fraud, or other cause beyond Pinseeker’s control corrupt or affect the administration, security, fairness, or proper conduct of a Competition. In such case, Pinseeker may, but shall not be required to, select the winner of the Competition from all Shots taken prior to and/or after, if appropriate, the action taken by Pinseeker. Pinseeker may also elect to cancel the Competition and, in Pinseeker’s sole discretion, provide each participant with a refund of entry fees paid with respect to the Competition or an equivalent credit toward participation in a future Competition.

Pinseeker reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to disqualify from any Competition and to suspend or terminate the Pinseeker account of any individual who tampers or attempts to tamper with the entry process, the Services, any Competition or any equipment used in connection with any Competition or who violates the Terms or these Rules.


## Winners List

A preliminary list of winners will be posted immediately following the conclusion of each Competition. In the case of Competitions with substantial prizes as determined by Pinseeker in its sole discretion, posting of legally required winners lists may be delayed for up to five (5) business days while verification of the results takes place.

## Effect of Competition Rules on Terms of Use

The Terms shall apply to each Competition and to these Rules and are hereby incorporated herein by reference. These Rules are intended to be a supplement to the Terms and should not be deemed to be a substitute or replacement for, or otherwise render inapplicable, the Terms. To the extent that any provision of these Rules conflicts with any provision in the Terms, the provision contained in these Rules shall control.

The Links Open – 2023

The last chance for you to become a 2023 PinSeeker Major Winner is here. 🏆


  • Monday 7/17 – Friday 7/21
  • Entry: $10 for 3 swings
  • $300 Purse + Top 50% of the Leaderboard will move onto the Open!

The Links Open

  • Saturday / Sunday (7/22 – 7/23)
  • Entry: $10 for 3 swings
  • $300 Purse – 5 Winners
  • Winner takes home a PinSeeker Links Open Flag!

Product Update – Livestreaming

Our new Livestream feature lets you film yourself right from the PinSeeker app while you compete in tournaments. These streams are available for other players to tune in or to watch later. They’re a great way to ratchet up the pressure of each shot even more.

Talk smack and back it up on video, so your competition can see you stick it close. Watch other players and see if they can hit clutch shots to pass you on the leaderboard.

Your streams are available live and saved for later viewing as well. All videos are accessed from the tournament leaderboard. To begin a Livestream, begin a tournament swing session. Then, tap Livestream Swing Session, make sure you look good on camera, then tap Go Live Now.

The Red, White Hot and Blue Cup

  • Friday 6/30 – Tuesday 7/4 (New Tournament Every Day!)
  • Entry: Free
  • Win an Odyssey Versa White Hot Putter by competing in at least 4 of the 5 Daily Red, White Hot and Blue tournaments. The lowest DTP aggregate score from the best 4 of 5 tournaments will win. All 4 swings must finish in bounds to qualify.

Friday – Monday tournaments
– 4 Swings

Tuesday, 4th of July tournament
– 7 Swings
HIO Bonus in the Tuesday Red, White Hot and Blue Daily Tournament Only! If you make a hole in one you will receive a $250 gift card to PGA Tour Superstore!

The PS Open Championship 2023


  • 6/12/23 – 6/16/23
  • Entry: $10 for 3 swings
  • $100 Purse – 3 Winners

The PS Open Championship will have flighted qualifiers Monday – Friday.  Each flight will have a separate qualifier – 10 spots from each will make the cut

If you qualify in a higher flight, your qualifier in the higher flight tournament isn’t counted, therefore not taking the place of a lower flighted player.  I.e. if a player qualifies in flight 3 and in flight 1, the flight 1 spot is not considered. If there are not enough players in a flight to fill out the 10 spots, then there will only be that number of players from that flight.  We will not pull qualifiers from other flights to round out 10 players.

The PS Open Championship

  • 6/17/23 – 6/18/23
  • Entry: $10 for 1 swing
  • $300 Purse – 5 Winners
  • Winner takes home a customized PS Open Decanter 👇🏼

The Bite Back Classic – Win Callaway Jaws Raw Wedges!

The Bite Back Classic is a collection of 3 consecutive tournaments the week of May 29th thru June 4th. The winner will receive 3 Callaway Jaws Raw Wedges. Get more details on how to compete below! 👇🏼

The winner will be a player with the lowest CTP aggregate score from 2 of the 3 separate tournaments. We will throw out your worst tournament.

Tournament Details:

The Bite Back Classic is a series of 3 consecutive tournaments the week of May 29th thru June 4thThe combination of the 2 scores will be the final entry for the series. Players must play in at least 2 of the tournaments to be eligible for the grand prize. A player must hit the green in at least 2 of the 3 tournaments to be eligible for the grand prize. If a player plays in all 3 tournaments we will discard the worst tournament score.

  • Shark Bite 1 – Mon – Weds
  • Shark Bite 2– Weds – Fri 
  • Shark Bite 3 – Fri – Sun

You must compete in 2 out of the 3 tournaments with in-bounds final DTP in each tournament, to be eligible to win the lowest DTP aggregate score prize, 3 Callaway Jaws Raw Wedges.

The Edge Championship 2023

The Edge Qualifier Details:

  • Now – 5/19
  • Entry Fee: $10 / 3 swings
  • Re-buy: $3 / 2 swings
  • $300 Purse
  • The top 50% of players who qualify will make the cut for The Edge Championship!

The Edge Championship

  • Sat-Sun 5/20-5/21
  • Buy in:  $10 / 3 swings
  • Re-buy: $3 / 2 swings
  • $300 Purse & the winner will take home the personalized Edge Championship Trophy!

New States Able To Play In Cash Tournaments!

Players in Arkansas, Connecticut, Hawaii, North Dakota, and South Carolina can now compete for Cash! Compete in three cash tournaments to receive your personalized skill index and be put in a flight with golfers similar to you. Stick it close and see how you stack up against the competition!

The PinSeeker Triple Diamond Invitational – Win A Callaway Driver!

1 week, 3 consecutive tournaments – lowest aggregate DTP winning the grand prize – a Triple Diamond Callaway Driver. Get more details on how to compete below! 👇🏼

Player must be on the green in each tournament to be eligible for the prize.

Tournament Details:

The Triple Diamond Invitational is a series of 3 consecutive tournaments the week of May 1st thru May 7th.  The winner will be a player with the lowest aggregate DTP score from the 3 separate tournaments.

  • Diamond 1 – Mon – Weds
  • Diamond 2 – Weds – Fri 
  • Diamond 3 – Fri – Sun

You must compete in all three tournaments with in-bounds final DTP in each tournament, to be eligible to win the lowest DTP aggregate score prize, the Callaway Paradym Triple Diamond Driver.

The PinSeeker Jacket Invitational 2023

The PinSeeker Jacket is back! Compete in a qualifier and finish in the top 15 (plus ties) to make the cut! Details below: 👇🏼

Qualifier Tournament Details:

  • $10 entry – 3 swings
  • $5 rebuy – 2 swings
  • $300 purse – pays down top 15 spots
  • Top 15 + ties qualify for final event


Chad S
Alex W
Tom S
Matt V
William H
Nicholas L
Luke A
Leon C
Glenn V
Ben R
Eric H
Robert B
Shane Z
Joshua L


Stevie D
Matt M
Daniel C
Mat H
Aaron M
Mark B
Garret I
Jason M
Joel K
Nick T
Nick V
Stu L
Cody H
Scott W
Thomas M


  • 30 players
  • $1 Entry – 2 Swings
  • $10 Rebuy – 1 Swing

1st – $200 + the PinSeeker Jacket
2nd – $100
3rd – $50

3 Tips To Creating A Warm-Up Routine To Improve Your Golf Game!

  1. Stretching before ANY swings are taken for 10 – 15 minutes. It’s important to include stretches for both upper and lower body.
  2. When you start swinging, find a way to focus on your timing and getting your upper and lower body to fire correctly. For example, I take short shots and have punctuated follow throughs.
  3. When you start taking full swings, create and use a pre-shot routine that will be used on that course. Typically this pre-shot routine will incorporate a position or a specific thought that a golfer is working on.

To learn more about warm-up routines and to create one that benefits YOUR game, check out our YouTube video below 👇🏼

12 Days of Giveaways! 🎁

Win big this holiday season! All you have to do is compete in each giveaways’ designated tournaments to be entered to win!

FlightScope – 12/12/2022 – 12/18/2022

Compete in any of the tournaments in the FlightScope Series or Mevo+ Series to be entered to win a Stack System or a Pro Package!

TeeBox Coffee – 12/12/2022 – 12/18/2022

TeeBox Coffee Series

Let TeeBox fuel your morning rounds.

Compete to win a 12 pack of Waggle or a 3 month coffee subscription!

Live Forever Golf – 12/12/2022 – 12/18/2022

Live Forever Golf Tournament

We are for the player, not the game.

Compete in this tournament to be entered to win a $150 gift card to Live Forever Golf!

Orange Whip – 12/12/2022 – 12/18/2022

Orange Whip Tournament

Develop your rhythm, tempo, timing, and balance and swing better instantly. You Gotta Feel It.

Compete in this tournament to be entered to win an Orange Whip of your choice!

Mantra – 12/12/2022 – 12/18/2022

Mantra Tournament

Stand for something.

Compete in this tournament to be entered to win a Flora Contrast Long Sleeve from Mantra!

STAMINAPRO – 12/12/2022 – 12/18/2022


Compete in this tournament to be entered to win a bundle from STAMINAPRO. This bundle Includes (1) STAMINAPRO Variety Pack, (1) Pack of Power Sleep Patches, (1) Pack of Immune Boost Patches, and a (1) Exclusive STAMINAPRO Golf Towel.

WhyGolf – 12/19/2022 – 12/25/2022

WhyGolf Series

Make The Hardest Sport Less Hard.

Compete in these tournaments to be entered to win a Pressure Plate or Bunker Mate from WhyGolf!

Cayce Golf – 12/19/2022 – 12/25-2022

Cayce Weekly

Compete in this tournament to be entered to win a head cover from Cayce Golf!

PinSeeker – 12/19/2022 – 12/25/2022

PinSeeker Swag One Shot & PinSeeker MidWeek

Compete in these tournaments to be entered to win swag & vouchers to compete in other PinSeeker tournaments!

New Feature: Official PinSeeker Standings

PinSeeker’s tournaments have proven to be an incredible way to compete against players all over the globe, and now they are getting even better. Starting December 1st, all tournaments will award points in an Official Standings leaderboard awarding prizes as you navigate to the top. Lookout FedEx!

Earn points. Win Cash. 💸

In addition to cash payouts, each tournament now has a Points Payout. You’ll see leaderboard positions pay cash and/or points when participating in a tournament.

What are the points good for?

You will automatically be placed on the Official PinSeeker Standings as you accrue points. You can find the standings by clicking on the new navigation icon at the bottom of the PinSeeker app titled “Standings.”

Every player is automatically entered into timebound Cups within the Official Standings. Each cup runs for a specific date range shown within the app, and for every tournament ending in that date range, you’ll accrue points for the cup. So…the more points you earn, the higher you climb on the cup leaderboards. Climb high enough, and you’ll find yourself winning cash; no entry fee is required.

Note: To show up on a leaderboard for a cup that has a purse, you must be at least 18 years of age.

How are the Points Distributed per Tournament?

To see how points are distributed amongst tournaments and players, check out the Points Distribution.

April Bonuses

April is here and bringing the 🔥, check out everything new coming to PinSeeker this month!

  • Ladies Only Free Tournament – You asked, we answered. Starting competing against other women in the Ladies Only Tournament on 4/11 at Pine Canyon from 111 yds for a chance at PinSeeker swag! The tournament ends on 4/17/22.
  • Instagram ONLY Giveaway with TeeBox Coffee – Follow @PinSeeker_Game on Instagram for your chance to enter and win.



Play in any cash tournament and you’re automatically entered to win! We’ll choose winners weekly.


4/4 – 5/1 | WIN $100 TO STITCH

Each week we will be giving out a gift card just for playing. A new winner will be chosen weekly to up their game with help from Stitch.

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