Cash Tournaments Now Available In Great Britain & Ireland!

Users located in Great Britain and Ireland can now compete for cash! Once you compete in three cash tournaments you will be given a personalized skill index and be put in a flight with players who are similar to you. Stick it close and start winning cash today!

Product Update: Introducing 2 New Flights!

We are excited to announce the arrival of two new Flights in the PinSeeker app. We have been carefully watching the distribution of player skill indexes inside the tournaments and have decided the time is now to increase the number of flights from two to four. Here is what this means for you:

  • Starting January 1st, you’ll be playing against people more closely tracking your skill level 🥇
  • If you were once in the Champion flight, you may now be in the newly named “First Flight”. Don’t fear, you are still a champion at heart 💪
  • To ensure you’re playing in your designated flight, use the flight filter at the top of your Tournaments screen.
  • We believe we hurt some people’s feelings by calling you a Rookie! We apologize, and have now changed the name to “Second Flight” ❤️

12 Days of Giveaways! 🎁

Win big this holiday season! All you have to do is compete in each giveaways’ designated tournaments to be entered to win!

FlightScope – 12/12/2022 – 12/18/2022

Compete in any of the tournaments in the FlightScope Series or Mevo+ Series to be entered to win a Stack System or a Pro Package!

TeeBox Coffee – 12/12/2022 – 12/18/2022

TeeBox Coffee Series

Let TeeBox fuel your morning rounds.

Compete to win a 12 pack of Waggle or a 3 month coffee subscription!

Live Forever Golf – 12/12/2022 – 12/18/2022

Live Forever Golf Tournament

We are for the player, not the game.

Compete in this tournament to be entered to win a $150 gift card to Live Forever Golf!

Orange Whip – 12/12/2022 – 12/18/2022

Orange Whip Tournament

Develop your rhythm, tempo, timing, and balance and swing better instantly. You Gotta Feel It.

Compete in this tournament to be entered to win an Orange Whip of your choice!

Mantra – 12/12/2022 – 12/18/2022

Mantra Tournament

Stand for something.

Compete in this tournament to be entered to win a Flora Contrast Long Sleeve from Mantra!

STAMINAPRO – 12/12/2022 – 12/18/2022


Compete in this tournament to be entered to win a bundle from STAMINAPRO. This bundle Includes (1) STAMINAPRO Variety Pack, (1) Pack of Power Sleep Patches, (1) Pack of Immune Boost Patches, and a (1) Exclusive STAMINAPRO Golf Towel.

WhyGolf – 12/19/2022 – 12/25/2022

WhyGolf Series

Make The Hardest Sport Less Hard.

Compete in these tournaments to be entered to win a Pressure Plate or Bunker Mate from WhyGolf!

Cayce Golf – 12/19/2022 – 12/25-2022

Cayce Weekly

Compete in this tournament to be entered to win a head cover from Cayce Golf!

PinSeeker – 12/19/2022 – 12/25/2022

PinSeeker Swag One Shot & PinSeeker MidWeek

Compete in these tournaments to be entered to win swag & vouchers to compete in other PinSeeker tournaments!

New Feature: Official PinSeeker Standings

PinSeeker’s tournaments have proven to be an incredible way to compete against players all over the globe, and now they are getting even better. Starting December 1st, all tournaments will award points in an Official Standings leaderboard awarding prizes as you navigate to the top. Lookout FedEx!

Earn points. Win Cash. 💸

In addition to cash payouts, each tournament now has a Points Payout. You’ll see leaderboard positions pay cash and/or points when participating in a tournament.

What are the points good for?

You will automatically be placed on the Official PinSeeker Standings as you accrue points. You can find the standings by clicking on the new navigation icon at the bottom of the PinSeeker app titled “Standings.”

Every player is automatically entered into timebound Cups within the Official Standings. Each cup runs for a specific date range shown within the app, and for every tournament ending in that date range, you’ll accrue points for the cup. So…the more points you earn, the higher you climb on the cup leaderboards. Climb high enough, and you’ll find yourself winning cash; no entry fee is required.

Note: To show up on a leaderboard for a cup that has a purse, you must be at least 18 years of age.

How are the Points Distributed per Tournament?

To see how points are distributed amongst tournaments and players, check out the Points Distribution.

PinSeeker Expands Internationally!

PinSeeker is now live in The British Isles, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, and India! This opens the door for more competition in our closest-to-the-pin tournaments, so keep and eye out for new names on the leaderboard. For now users compete in free tournaments for swag and clout!

Cheers 🍻

PinSeeker Launches In Great Britain & Ireland!

We are now live in both Great Britain and Ireland, bringing international closest-to-the-pin competition to the British Isles! This opens the door for more competition in our tournaments, so keep and eye out for new names on the leaderboard. For now, they can compete in free tournaments for swag and bragging rights. Cash tournaments will be coming soon!

Cheers 🍻

Say Goodbye To Your Chunk Or Thin

Probably the most desired outcome of golfers when they get a lesson is more distance. While most players think that they need a better path or better hand position, the root cause of lost distance is solid contact. If players start to really focus on contact and nothing else, that alone should transform your game! 

Curing Your Chunk

A fat shot can kill your score. Chunking means the ball typically doesn’t go far and once you do it, you’ll tend to make the problem worse due to deceleration and poor weight transfer. The cause of the fat shot is ultimately LOW POINT control.  The low point is the bottom part of the arc where the club reaches it lowest point. With an iron the low point needs to be in front of the ball on the target side, this would mean the club is traveling down towards ground as we make contact. The only way to hit a fat shot is if the low point is behind the ball, which means the club hits the ground before ball contact.  There are many reasons poor low point positions in a players swing, but typically it is poor weight transfer.  Players that hit the ball fat typically hang back on their trail foot for too long and they cant get to lead side before ball contact. This will cause club to hit ground first. Watch the following video for tips to cure this issue!

Thin Shot Cure

The thin shot is not the worst problem to have, but if you’re a topper of the ball then this drill is a must. The only way you can hit the top part of the ball is for the club and body to raise up during contact.  We call this early extension. Early extension is when the pelvis moves toward the ball, which causes the torso to lift up out of the shot. Since our hands are ultimately connected to our torso, this means the club hits top portion of the ball. Fix early extension through the tips in the following video!

eWallet & ID Verification

Say goodbye to credit card payments for each tournament and bank account transfers every week. If you’re located in the US, your winnings will start to be deposited into your eWallet immediately after each tournament. You will be able to directly use them to play in more tournaments and be able to withdraw your eWallet balance on your own schedule at any time.

To start:

  • Once enabled, all future winnings will be deposited into your eWallet.
  • Your balance can then be used for entry and rebuy fees for future tournaments.
  • Limit of one withdrawal at a time (usually takes 2-3 days to process)
  • Limit of $500 per withdrawal

To further improve our compliance with anti-money laundering laws, ensure fair competition, and enable our eWallet system for our US players, we have to make sure that our players are who they say they are. All players will have to do a quick one-time verification of their personal information before being able to collect any further winnings. This is the same information we already have to gather for tax purposes when a player reaches the W-9 threshold amount.

The video below will take you through all of our new updates and how they appear in the app:

Skill Index & Flighted Tournaments

Tournament flights are now in effect. To begin, we have 2 flights:

Champion: 1-18
Rookie: 19 – 36

Your flight is determined by your Skill Index. Skill Index is established by a proprietary PinSeeker algorithm that uses historical cash tournament data to determine your PinSeeker skill from 1-36. To have a calculated skill index you must have played in at least 3 cash tournaments. Players with always be allowed to play UP a flight, but never down (ex. Rookies can play a Champion flighted tournament.)

Along with the flighted tournaments, you can easily find a tournament you wish to play through the filtering and sorting of tournaments. (ex. cash/free, toggling between flights, and looking at active, upcoming, or past tournaments)

Improve Your Approach Shot

There is nothing more satisfying than piping a drive down the middle with a slight draw, right?  Now you’re left with 83 yards to a middle pin and you’re already thinking about chalking down a birdie on the score card. As you approach the ball, reality sets back in and you grip the club, take your stance and hit.  You catch it fairly clean and when you get up to the green the ball is 65 feet from the hole. 

What’s wrong with this scenario above? It’s not only that we probably didn’t make birdie, but it’s the fact that we just hit an 83-yard shot as close to the pin as we hit our 7 iron. That shouldn’t be the case. The average proximity to the hole with a wedge from tour players is around 19 feet. The average for a 20 handicap is 83 feet. Honestly, I was most surprised that a 20-handicap hit the ball nearly 100 feet from hole from 100 yards. A 100-yard shot is a shot everyone should be decent at, no matter the handicap.  If you commit to working on this shot, you will notice the good habits you learn will leak into the rest of your game and you will see overall improvement throughout the bag.


1.  Do not hit your wedges 100% unless you absolutely have to. This means swing easier with these shots and grab a stronger lofted club to allow a less tense swing. This lowers the flight slightly and will allow for more control to your yardages

2. Grip down slightly, the shorter the shot the more you should grip down. This will allow you more control over the club now that your hands are closer to the balance point in the wedge. 

3. Be more aggressive and stay committed during the shot. This is accomplished by following tip 2 and allowing yourself to bend at the waist slightly more. Bending will allow us to have a steeper angle of attack to ensure we make solid contact.

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